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 Nr 9  Obi Khan    Jabba Tha Kut vs Obi Khan 2188Obi Khan Jabba Tha Kut vs Obi Khan

Description : Music by Obi Khan with Jabba Tha Kut on the wheels of steel. Beat Production by Thanos Beats, DJ Pain 1, ObieDaz, Musikal, Kannibal Beats & Underground Beats. With Guest Apperances by Reef the Lost Cauze, Vast Aire, Trippy Trip, C Rayz Walz, song Engineered originally by Thanos Beats, mixtape Engineered by Jabba Tha Kut. more music and announcement from Obi Khan on Profile. Push the Play button to listen Jabba Tha Kut vs Obi Khan. We congratulate Obi Khan for 2188 views, you hit Nr 9 on ranking. Genre NewAlbum

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