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Welcome to the first advertising free online music magazine.

This site try that independent entertainer and companys work with each other and people around the world get notice about them .

Keep it on your mind if you decide to push a play button you visit another site. We only using safe HTTPS source link for the music.

The data on profiles managed/collected by us with permission from the Person or Company .

Details : News, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram and business inquiries to that person or company.

This site have no download files to share. We do not using any Tracking methods for advertising or sale your data to others

Aim not the Manager/Agency or Company/Promoter/Worker/Member from this Person/Company

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Dear artist or company

If you find your Profile on this site my goal was get
your data to the search results.

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Why, a good question

People around the world using search engines alone 1.8 billions user google on one day.
This site using the old method of webcode means easy loading on phones and PC .

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Social media is good but you need Landing pages
Social media`s first customer is they own brand not you .
If they decide to bann you, your data on search engine results are lost.
This site make sure your socialmedia data be safe and up to date on search engine.

What is different on this site

- A make almost every day a sitemap and send it to google and bing and they send out bots to collect data . What Bot is you gonne read later.

Sitemap HTML

- Imagine a site without advertising without any annoying popups . Just you nothing else . This is not just good for you it takes so much bandwidth if your visitor use a mobile device or phone .

Mainpage Music Magazine

- A write HTML and PhP version of your profile means one or another search engine get a entry one or another way . No Money in the world can guarantee this . Search engine CEO s saying if you dont pay, work for it and thats what we do to get a placement on ther search engine results.

HTML version music magazinePhP version music magazine

- Not your money decide if you get a profile.

- This site do not share any private data from you or from the visitor on our server for tracking.

- This site works with all Platforms together not agains them or they rules.

- Your other online sites get better score points on search results. This site helps you build your brand on search engines with entrys.

- This site is inspired from you and build to promote you not his self.

Words involved with this person

Green mark is the keywords for results on search engine.

- This site is socialmedia ready . Profile and news site`s are "share" post ready.

- A create you couple landing pages from time to time. You can share the link on your socialmedia with your community . All landing pages goes couple days later to search engine results.

Latest Music News

Green mark is the keywords for results on search engine.

What is landing pages ?

Landing pages are information cards for visitors and search engine bots.

It works 24 / 7 for you !

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What is search engine bot ?

They are send by google bing and co to collect data .

General notice :

Profiles are managed by Noodless Fabulae . The information on profiles are collected by Noodless Fabulae . A try to keep the information about persons and companys up to date.
Non profit . "paid/buy/pay/sale"

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Trademarks, Persons, Company, Names or Picture are shown for viewing purposes we do not sale or own any of this showing information about them. For this content all rights deserve the name/trademark/company owner.

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We never charge for our work.
We never ask you for details about your credit card.
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